Monday, January 6, 2014

Fingymoto roadrace review 2013 ARMOY

Armoy is a relativly new race on the calender and is run through Joeys home village of Armoy and the clerk of the course is Frank Kennedys brother so it has a pedigree,it has fast become one of the best races on calender and may become a international meeting in time .The village is a great asset to the race with the riders making a sharp left on the main street and some good grandstands for the spectators also there is good access to spectating points from the paddock,this is a race that I highly reccomend and will only get better as the years go by . Also it is close to Joeys bar a must for all race fans,,


buffalobisonhead said...

Do you think there might really be room for another International?

You might have bought poor Benny a pint!

ed said...

Kells was a international and its gone so maybe there is room for another one,and of course I got that poor man a pint !