Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bruce lean

All going well tomorrow evening we should see Bruce peeling off into the Gooseneck which is near to our accomodation,bikes are packed and bank account cleaned out,there will be no posts for a week unless I can get access to a computer,here,s to safe riding!!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

William Dunlop

Leading the supersport practice..

Alan Connor

Southern Irish racer Alan Connor at Ramsey last night in practice did a 121.152 mph lap WOW,that is some going best of luck to him,,,,,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This is why I seldom go on the circuit at the TT,,,,


Micheal Dunlop has switched from a gsxr600 Suzuki to the trusty R6 yamaha for the supersport,,,good move

Conor Cummins is practicing

Conor has gone out in practice tonight on the stocker and lapped at over 121 he is a brave lad carrying
a hand injury,I hope the TAS team have not been putting too much pressure on him !

Beautiful weather

The weather here is great all week and we are making the most of it,but the trained killer is not enjoying the heat and trying to find cool spots all around the garden,,

Bruce HaPPy

He has to be happy with a 125 lap maybe another win this year ???

Monday, May 28, 2012


Mc Pint fastest tonight in superbike practice over 128 mph lap and a year since he was there the man is a superstar,it sets down some marker for the rest to chase,and a mention for William Dunlop fastest 600 rider,,,

Do you think !

That maybe William is checking out fingymoto on his i phone before the race or is he doing something interesting

House of fingy

Before i go to the TT I have to be sure my house is in order,,,,,,,,,

big boys

All the hard hitters are out for practice this evening keep a eye on TT live and listen to Manx Radio TT,,,,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Horice 2012 300 ZGH


My wheels for the TT,my brothers 1200s a bike that ticks all the box,s .We will do a spin this morning to get a few miles under our belts before we head on Thursday evening .

Davy Morgan

Davy Morgan at last nights practice in the supertwins /lightweight class..

Saturday, May 26, 2012

TAS woes

Seeley crashed and wrecked his bike in BSB practice and Conor Cummins looking unlikely for a TT start after hurting his hand at the NW200,TAS not having much luck ???????????????????
update I hear that Guy Smiley is pissed off toooo ,,,,

Manx radio TT

For any of you readers out there that enjoy the Roadracing you can tune into Manx radio TT and click AM radio in the top right corner and its like you are at the TT listen to practice and races live.Highly recommended,,,also you can follow the laps and times on TT live.
And they play Pat Benatar !!!

Bruce TT

Here at fingymoto we are big Bruce Ansty fans but after reading the interview in the TT programme we are even bigger fans ,hoping he has a safe and fast TT and maybe a superbike win,,,,,,

Practice for TT

It all kicks off today with the first of the practices,hope to listen on Manx radio my son got me the race programme so am well up to date on all the events ,going by these pics the place is in great shape, roll on next Thursday ,,,,

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aussie rules

Reader Ben,s sweet Aussie CB1100R love them without the fairing and were more fun to ride,Ben and I are going on the piss next May only twelve months to go !!!

TT news

Micheal Dunlop back on the Street Sweep R6 Yamaha for the supersport TT,seems the Suzuki didn,t work out GREAT NEWS !!!!

Glen Helen

This is exactly where I will be sitting for the superbike race at the start of the TT races,this place has everything ,food,beer ,toilet and a nice area to relax and walk around.Highly recommended !

Joey time

Its been a while since we had Joey time,,,,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012




yea more race bikes

The Ras


Just to prove there,s more to life than motorcycles here are some pics from a military show in the Curragh race course we attended on sunday,,