Monday, December 30, 2013

Gombeen men

I don,t know what is going on in this country but there are wankers advertising bikes for stupid money on sales sites and the other wankers that see them will hike their bikes and what do you know a bike bubble. €11,000 for a Eddie Lawson rep and €5,000 for a tacky yellow 350lc what are these gombeen,s thinking ????

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loveless said...

gombeen man! mate, you took me back to my time as an apprentice fitter/welder with this one! not heard it in years, big pat snoddy, the biggest, hardest, nastiest paddy in the world, i got to serve some of my time with him back in the day, one of his sayings, usually about the gaffer, 'dat fookin gombeen mahn, he's fookin' done me on me fookin, hovertime again the c...' brilliant