Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Fingymoto roadrace review COOKSTOWN 100

First race of the year is the Cookstown 100,about two hours trip for us its is the season opener and while not the best circuit it is quite short at around two miles but it offers a lot of races in all different classes and as the opener it attracts a lot of top riders for a National race, Luckily enough the April weather has been kind to Cookstown and it makes a good start on the roadrace tan for all us fans with the dreaded rain staying away,our local racer Richie was unable to get a entry with the grids been full which was a disappointment as he rode well there last year,I tried out a new camera which has since been shelved so if some of the pics are not great this is the reason,also I got a T shirt from Slice of buff which was a bonus,,,,,,,,,Cookstown is worth the trip and sets the scene for the roadracing year,,

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loveless said...

got me thinking about a gixer ed, the skoal bandit paint job does it for me, look's a right weapon, [not sure about the seat padding though, looks a bit 'plush' almost like something on a goldwing!!!!!!!