Saturday, May 10, 2014

Northwest 200

I,m not sure if this vid makes me excited about the Northwest or reminds me of how miserable the place can be !


loveless said...

Ed, how do you post up your videos? I do mine straight off you tube but apparently they don,t show up if you view the blog on an I-pad, do I need to download something so they appear on my blog? Are you ready for the N.W? Weather is looking better than last year that's for sure!

ed said...

Tim I go to embed on bottom of vid then i right click and copy the code open a new post on the blog and paste it where we write our rubbish ! Have to empty the van yet to head for the Northwest on Thursday will be good and the weather has to improve ,Tim its a cold place even on a sunny day big red face on the way !!

loveless said...

Thanks ed, that's brilliant, have a good race weekend and I hope the weather is kind to you.