Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fingymoto racing

Today I turned 48 and Patsy sent me down this pic from 1987 it is Fore roadrace in Co Meath and I was in the newcomers bib in the 250 race ,a short time later after a road bike crash I ended in on a ventilator for nearly two weeks whice more or less ended my racing but I managed to race again at Fore in 1989 but the spark was gone,this is both a happy photo and a sad photo as racing was all I ever wanted to do but as I have made it to 48 I have a lot to be gratefull for,,,,also maybe there is one last race left in me before I retire to the couch full time ????


buffalobisonhead said...

Well Happy Bithday to you Sir

andyrotax said...

Happy belated birthday Ed!!

ed said...

Cheers you guy,s