Sunday, September 1, 2013


Richie got a fantastic 4th place in the Manx GP newcomers A race with a 111,453 average over the four laps ,It was a perfect race day with great conditions and Richie did us all proud with how well he road ,we took care of the pitstop and it went well with him only getting a small splash of petrol to keep him on his toes,The Yamaha R6 ran perfect and was one of the oldest machines in the top 10,all in all a great result and well earned few pints !!


loveless said...

Hi Ed, sorry I missed you, I don't know what happened comm's wise, tried to ring you and send a text, searched the paddock but to no avail, Richie looked really good through Hillberry, I reckon he was one of the fastest through that part of the course, very quick and very smooth, shame he missed out on a podium place but no shame there to the Manx lad's, next year he has to be up there, pass my best wishes on to him, I'm well up for some Irish road racing next year, hope to catch you soon, Timmy

ed said...

Cheers Tim we had to buy a Manx phone to get some contact,,hope you enjoyed the racing and its good to know you were cheering on our lad,,