Sunday, March 3, 2013

Man Versus Mountain

Today was the last chance to get the wee TL up the mountain as the weather is meant to break during the week and whatever chance we have in the dry the wet would be too slippy,I loaded the bikes early this morning and called for Gaz my minder to stop me from getting lost in a boghole.The wee TL worked like a Trojan and considering it has a CG125 pushrod engine with worn rings hence the blue smoke,it can only be putting out 6 bhp if i,m lucky.My main worry was that the the chain would break and the clutch got hot as with the gearing it was all first gear work but no need to worry as it ploughed on and ended in a few holes and on its side more than once what a great wee bike and started first or second kick each time . The TLR that Gaz rode went like a clock and gave no problems apart from being a bit heave when it got stuck. We got to the top but had little time to rest as there was a mist coming in fast and it would see us stuck up there if we delayed,so a few pics and down again but what a great way to spent the morning and the views up there are amazing we took nothing for granted,,,to top it off I had a run on the CBR600 in the afternoon with Fazer on the back,I love Honda,s !!!!

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