Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fingymoto racing

These are some old pics I found from my TZ days maybe around 1987 and one from my offroad career obviously helmets were not essential,,,,on the race bike the screen is broken from the bike falling over on the trailer on the way too the race and with me being broke it was going to take some prize money to replace it,The sponsership was a good friend of mine Aidan who had a timber mill and rode a P&M gs1000 and always told me when I was not riding hard enough,the other sponser was a car breakers the owner of which I met this year at the event in Enniskillen while I was walking around with BB from the slice of buff blog,I think I may have got a second place that day but a road crash a few weeks later has left my memory of that summer a bit vague,,,,,as I am a lazy bastard instead of trying to scan the pics I just photographed them so someday I will get one of the kids to do a right job and improve the quality in the mean time this is as good as it gets ,,,

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Fooking 'ell, I thought it was David Essex in Silver Dream Racer for a moment . . . great stuff mate, no lid on the RM is very period correct.