Monday, November 19, 2012


This is the latest bike I bought in the North when we went to the John Mc Guinness book signing,the guy that sold it said he was driving away on it, well that was a porker because the petrol tap was totally blocked up and the Needle valve was missing from the carb however he did start it up before I payed him for it ???? he must have just put enough petrol in the carb to fire it up ,also its not the correct engine which is annoying but that I can live with because its just going to be a working bike for a bit of simple trials every now and again.As for the seller well when I buy in the north I have always found the people to be straight but I had to find a bent one sometime fuck him ,,,then on the net I see a carb for sale and buy that it a chinese copy which I fit and along with cleaning the tap the wee bike runs great except geared a bit high but there are 60 tooth rear sprockets I can get to cure that.Then the next day I take it out to mess around in the garden and its back fucking around again and won,t run right at that stage there is only one solution ,,,,,,,,,the PUB coz i spent all week fixing equipment and my patience are not great at the weekend especially after a hard week,,maybe next weekend I might spend more time on it <<<<


buffalobisonhead said...

do you need a hug?!

buffalobisonhead said...

sorry to hear about all the hassle, what do you think - you gooing to persevere with it?

ed said...

I will fix it and take it to the top of the mountain ,,,,,,