Sunday, July 29, 2012


Armoy produced some of the best roadracing we have seen this year with Micheal Dunlop willing to push it hardest in the conditions to dominate the meeting,weather was unkind with us standing in the paddock in a monsoon like rainstorm that even our umbrellas could not cope with,but still the day recovered and they got through the meeting well.Here are some pics I took and more to follow ..


prudon said...

Can I use some (3= Martin, Cummins and Armoy Bridge) of your Armoy photos for my website/blog the biggest Road Races site in French
I will credit them
Perhaps you've more Armoy photos for my site
Your website/blog is very very good always with good and interesting photos
Jean Michel TT Supporters Club French Rep

ed said...

Jean Michel you can use any of my photos no problem because they are there to share,,,