Monday, April 9, 2012

Carlow show

We went to the annual Easter show and autojumble in Carlow yesterday,a three hour drive down when we got there it was a very reasonable five euro in,the autojumble was good maybe too many modern bikes broken and selling parts but still a few gems to be had,with my latest dental disasters my funds are low so i was picky with my buying apart from feeling like a hand grenade had gone off in my mouth,silencers for the cm400,pet seal don,t ask,a nice z900 tail piece and finally my latest fetish which is old spanners it will take over from my all consuming weighing scales fetish which has run its course hopefully! Inside at the show there was some nice bikes some a bit shiny for my taste but others had a nice patina of age ,sadly as usual they were packed in too close so i got to see a lot of headlamps and not a lot else,

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