Friday, September 23, 2011

ajs 7r

We spoke to the owner of this 7r at killalane he was there for the classic run on the sunday during the racing,a very nice and informative man,its a 1948 model this we know because the tank has bolts going through it to keep it on ,the owner has had this bike since 1961 and bought it after a deal with a matchless g9 he had which broke his heart,origionally the 7r would have had a 21" front and 20" rear wheel but he has 19" rims laced on for a better choice of tyres,as if this bike was not special enough it has a twin leading rear hub which in 48 points to this being a works AJS six of which were sent to the TT that year,the seat is for his own comfort.i will post some pics to give a idea of the quality of this bike,,,

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