Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Rules ?

This time of year is the roadracing season which is the main focus/obsession of fingymoto but to add a bit of variety i attended the No Rules Mcc motorcycle rally on the picturesque grounds of Beleek castle in Ballina ,the venue was great apart form the wank of a owner in her fucking burberry wellies who was doing a good impression of a prison camp commandant, i hope there is a good headache waiting for her this morning,also Ballina,s finest were getting overtime driving around in there little car complete with blue light .One thing is for sure first sign of trouble and all we would see is there red lights as they made good their escape ,as they were no where to be found when the back patchers were doing their braveheart impression in sleepy Dromore west last weekend,but thats another story back to the rally and the great effort put in by the club on their first running of the event,a good brisk spin up on my brothers bmw was the start of a enjoyable evening ,had to limit the consumption to two pints in order to be able to make for home the same evening these were drank from plastic glasses in the lower levels of the castle .The camping area was well laid out and for a fleeting moment i nearly wished i was camping but the lure of a kebab and my own bed was too much so i quickly put this out of my mind,the band sounded great and the rally was well attended and best of luck to the No Rules lads and lassies give yourselves a clap on the back well done,and by the way the trophies were not bad either,,

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