Friday, August 6, 2010


i haven,t had a trials bike up here for a while these are a pair of beautys,,


grant said...

rare bikes....i have a 1978 montesa cota ulf carlson rep hey hey its in notts with me i cannot ride it back home on our land HEN HARRIERS have stopped all that........but hang on is that a f::k{{{ 21 acre wind farm over there,,,sory rant of the day

ed said...

bring it over here we,ll go up any mountain we want.I have a friend who owned land on the side of a mountain close to me started to notice people walking across his land regular. stopped them to be told its on a walking guide issued in that shithole dublin he siad no way and ended up going to jail for a week for his stand on his own land .To cut a long story short the goverment eventually bought the land trough another guy who is wanted by the CIA for selling heli parts to the Iranians mad shit in the quiet northwest of Ireland