Saturday, July 10, 2010

racing tomorrow

going to races tomorrow i hope the weather picks up,tidied the shed fuck me i hate that job & cutting back on the drink is a pain in the hole too ,,,,,,,,

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loveless said...

ed, that's an mz yer maun's riding there, beautiful!, anytime in the shed is good for me, especially if it's just me and the dogs, they have their own chair with a moth eaten old blanket on it where they curl up and raise an eyebrow as i'm swearing at one of the bikes, radio 4, i-pod or radio 6 chugging away in mono, i moved the boiler in there when mrs loveless wanted the kitchen doing a couple of years ago, ran a radiator i nicked from work off it, toasty!, have a good day tomorrow, reckon the bike is an xbr honda single in a spondon/martek/harris frame?, had a couple of them, bloody good bikes, the srx yam's were faster but you couldn't start them, photo's please of the racers, thanks mate.