Monday, June 7, 2010


the pint of guinness which is so important to all of us irish ,first the name i call it stout or porter and the people on the east coast call a pint of plain ,its a great drink and has the effect of making the drinker more tired and docile as opposed to some largers which make you want to rip somebodys head off the important thing with porter is that the pour has two stages firstly two thirds up the glass and when its settled then the last third also always let is settle before you take a mouth full .now as you drink it you should get remnants of the head leaving rings on the glass per mouthful on the way down the glass if the glass is clear on the sides as it emptys then you are in trouble and will have either a sore head or arse in the morning and if you enter the bar check what the patrons are drinking if there is a good run on the porter then go for it .this might seem a bit complicated for the sake of a mere drink but if you get it right its one of lifes great pleasures and if i get a chance i will show you the technique in practice


Stuka said...

We call it "a pint a double"...can't remember it because it gets poured twice?? I had one of the best pints in the most unlikely of places..the oak bar in the kings hall in belfast..a bar that only opens when there is a event and the mates were we had some more hahaha...Sound advice there Ed..!!!

ed said...

you,ll have to come to sligo coz i know a place with great porter. i will take a pic and post it

Stuka said...

Cool...i aint been to sligo for about 15 years and that was just for a few pints after a hard days fishing glencar lough...that was a wobbly drive back to the guest house beside the lough haha